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Natural Indigo

There are many plants obtained from natural indigo. The most important of these are woad; Isatis tinctoria L. and Indigofera tinctoria L. Woad is a plant which can be reach up to 40-90 cm, biannual, has bright yellow flowers. Blue colored dyestuff is obtained from plant fermentation.

Native of woad is Caucasus and spread from far east to Himalayas. Nowadays cultivated in North-Africa and Europen. About to 30 spices of woad’s grow natural in Turkey. Woad was used in blue colors before Christ. At the same time it was known in Ancient Greek and Romans. Obtained by woad’s dyestuff use as a fresco, paint and paper painting.

Known as in English Woad and Dyer’s Woad, German Waid, French Pastel, Greek Isatis vaphiki and Arabic Was-mah, Ward-El neal names with blue color naturel dyestuff.


Colors Obtained:

According to the dying recipe; blue and blueshades.


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