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Dyer’s Oak (Quercus infectoria Olivier)

Quercus infectoria is grows in the Eastern Mediterranean areas of Turkey and adjacent areas of South-western Asia. Gall oak was used for natural dyeing. Gall oaks are a cancer-like growth that the tree products after the gal wasp (Cynips insana (West.) Mayr)has laid its eggs. Inside it, the larvae developed.

The gall oak protects and nourishes them until they pupate. The mature wasp bore a hole through the gall oak and escape. Known as in English Dyer’s oak and Gall oak, German Galleich, French Chene á galles and Greek Drys kikidophoros names with black color naturel dyestuff.

Colors Obtained:

According to the dying recipe; light brown, grey and black shades.

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