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With the development of environmental consciousness, being protected from carcinogenic and toxic substances is becoming more important for consumers every day. While the number of scientific studies carried out for this purpose has increased rapidly, the R&D budgets of the companies are increasing continuously for the demand of the consumers.

Natural dyes; Has anti bacterial, anti microbial, anti fungal and Anti UV properties. These properties will enable the natural dyes to be used more intensively in industrial areas such as textile, cosmetics, food, medicine, conservation, energy and health. This will contribute to the protection of natural resources as well as consumer health.

In order for natural dyes to be used in the industry beyond conventional and traditional use, raw dyes materials must be standardized and be sustainable. Our company, with its rich vegetation, standardizes the natural dye plants which are obtained from different regions of our country and offers them accredited laboratory approved. Thus, it aims at sustainability in production and protection of the environment.

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